Why newbies always go for online roulette

When you first join an online casino, you might feel overwhelmed by the choice of games that are available to play. Most sites feature hundreds of games from online slots to table games, such as poker, craps, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Many of the casino sites, like 32red, Mr Green Casino and Sky Vegas, have other games including keno, scratch cards and bingo games as well.



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Everyone knows the game of roulette

So why is it that so many people are drawn to playing roulette as one of the first games that they decide to try? Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that roulette is such an iconic game. Is it the first that many people think of when asked to picture a casino. It has been featured so often in so many movies. That is probably because the imagery of people clustered around the wheel watching the progress of the ball over the black and red numbered pockets is so visually appealing for directors.

James Bond – the archetypal roulette player

Another reason is that it’s really easy to play roulette. There’s no question of needing to learn any rules or knowing how to place a strategic bets across the table. If you’re a newcomer to the game, you can keep it really simple – betting on black or red, or on a particular number to win. Of course, you can develop a betting strategy the more familiar that you become with the game, but there’s no need to if you don’t want to.

If you choose to play 32Red’s online roulette you can also opt to play in demo mode when you first play, just in case you’re not sure of how the bets work. Once you’re comfortable with the game, you can switch to real money mode at any time. And as all the main sites offer new players free bonus cash, then you can stretch whatever playing fund you have that bit further. Most sites will offer a 200% bonus or more when a player makes a first deposit. At 32red, there’s an extra £32 credited to your account for every £10 you put in. Of course, bonus cash doesn’t increase your chances of winning, it just gives you more playing opportunities. Another online casino we reccomend especially for UK players is all british casino, the have over 300 games including several RNG roulette games as well as the popular live dealer option. Roulette games have done a pretty good review of all british casino, check it out and remember you can get 100% welcome bonus if you are new to it.

The amazing graphics and 3D effects that you find on online casinos make it feel almost as if you have your own personal roulette wheel in your living room (or wherever you happen to be playing). But just as in a game of roulette on a roulette wheel in a land-based casino, there’s no way that a previous spin can help you know what’s going to happen on the next one. Each spin is completely independent and that’s thanks to the use of random number generator software when playing online, which ensures random results each time the wheel is spun.

Because of the random nature of roulette (online and off), it’s best to ignore any suggestions of using systems to beat the game, simply because they won’t work. The best system any player can use is to make conservative bets so that if they lose, they don’t lose much. If they win, they make a gradual profit. Also, if you’ve had a winning streak, don’t get greedy. Put some of the profit into your account, and continue to play with small stakes. That way, you ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of playing online roulette.

Horse Betting for Beginners

When it comes to horse betting, knowing what the odds are going to give you is something very important to understand. Odds can be fairly easy to figure out. For instance, 2/1 odds give you back your bet times two, plus your bet. So if you bet $3, it’s (3X2)+3. On a 2/1 bet, then, if you bet $3 you would win back $9; a more simple way to figure it out is that it you will get back three times your initial bet. Remember, however, that your initial bet must be subtracted from your winnings before you figure out how much profit you made.


As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start placing your bets at a betting window. This may seem silly, but interacting with a human being will give you more comfort than a machine. If you are not entirely familiar with all the jargon, a human who is can help guide you through it if you make a mistake.


There is a sequence that you must follow when placing your bet. You must tell the betting agent first the racetrack, then the race, how much you are betting, and the number of the horse you are betting on. This will allow you to be clear about what animal you are actually betting on and will avoid confusion.


After you have placed your bet, you will receive a ticket, which will be your proof that you placed a bet. If you lose this ticket, it doesn’t matter if you win the race. Always keep it in a safe, secure location and know where it is for easy access, so that when you win you aren’t rifling through your bags looking for it.


Keep your betting amounts low. Because you are a beginner, you don’t have the skills that are necessary to pick winners consistently yet. In order to avoid major losses at this point in time, place only small amounts. It will give you the sting of loss when you make a poor choice, but not so much that it will cripple your bank account. In fact, the most common number for betting on horses is $2. It’s a nice number to cut your teeth on, and it’s comfortable number for continued betting after you’re more seasoned.


There are three types of bets that you make when betting on horses. The first is “Win.” This is very straightforward, in that you are betting that particular horse will be the first across the finish line. The second type of bet is “Place,” or that your horse will either be first or second. The third type of bet is “Show.” With show bets, you are betting that the horse will be the first, second or third across the finish line. As a beginning bettor, show is the safest bet, and it is the easiest way you can accustom yourself to the world of horse racing.


This is only a very brief overview of some of the things you need to know when betting. Always do your research, and it’s a good idea to avoid betting a few times just to make sure you know what the horse track is all about first.

How to beat craps

When you are playing craps, whether you are playing at an online casino with online gambling, or at a real brick and mortar casino, there are fixed odds that are employed. The odds when playing craps are calculated based on the chance of particular numbers coming up when the dice are thrown.

A good craps strategy is an amalgamation of intelligent bankroll management, a keen comprehension of the smart bets on the table, and a relaxed straightforward attitude with regard to playing. Learn each of these skills when involved in online gambling while playing craps at an online casino, and you will be miles ahead of 95% of the players around you.

It is often fun to play craps at online casinos because of the many bonuses that they make available to new players who are playing at online casinos for the very first time. When they open up their account to start playing craps online, they often receive an extra cash bonus of up to several hundreds of dollars.

Calm heads will prevail in any game, and craps is no exception. Being a good craps player means understanding the instability of the game, when played at online casinos and preparing for it by playing with a sufficiently large bankroll. When the table is cold, don’t get aggravated and bet bigger to chase your losses, it is a technique that hardly ever works. Instead stick with your strategy and comprehend that a bankroll will drop before it climbs back up again. If you play with more bets on the table than you can keep track of, craps can become a confusing game. So always try to keep things simple until you are very comfortable with each type of bet.

Doubling down!

You have to face the facts; the majority of hands you get dealt in blackjack are losing hands. The fact is, on an average, you are targeted to win only forty seven hands out of every hundred and thus lose fifty three hands. So how can you triumph if those are the odds facing you as a blackjack player?

A specific method to contend with the casino’s edge in blackjack is to get to know when doubling down is worth performing. This playing possibility was brought into the game as a method for participants to diminish the casino’s advantage. However, the player has to decide when, and most crucially when not to use the doubling down.

To be able to use the right double down playing strategy enables a blackjack participant either to convert a hand loss into a complete winner or to diminish the loss in a situation where you are losing. Although it may appear rather complex, they are nevertheless two significant aspects that blackjack participants should try and grasp so that you can recognize when pair splitting and doubling down can be used to your advantage. For more blackjast strategies and tips for beginners visit playblackjackonline.co.uk and read through their training modules and blackjack strategy section.

Bwin Casino

Bwin Casino has it all! Table games, video poker, card games and slot machines. This online casino offers a thrilling world of games to online players. Not only can you play at Bwin Casino in your browser, but you can also download their instant casino software and enjoy more features of this great casino. They have now also launched a mobile casino version, so mobile phone users can play on their phones. Bwin Casino offers a similar experience to playing in any land based casino without having to worry about the usual hassles of playing in a land based casino, no traveling, no tips and no dress code necessary when playing at the Bwin Casino.

You can play casino games in the comfort of your sitting room here with over 75 games on offer, which include blackjack, roulette, video poker and slot machines. Bwin Casino offers realistic sound effects and rich graphics that make your experience there a truly incredible one! The slot machines at Bwin offer a huge jackpot of over 1 million Euros and any player on the planet can participate in the jackpot games and win small cash prizes to really big ones. So what are you waiting for? Join Bwin Casino now!

Bwin is the perfect casino for online casino gaming entertainment and are one of the top sites visited daily by thousands of gamblers from all over the globe. They are known to take up to 30,000 bets each day on around 90 different sports, while the management is making promises of more sports betting in the future. Bwin offer real sports action betting and they are a big-time gaming casino.

They provide online entertainment games where players from all over the world can join in as they are offered in 22 different languages and they are continually adding new games all the time. Bwin also offers a sense of reality, in order for you to get as close as possible to the live action and you will feel like you are placing a bet on a real table in Las Vegas!

Here are some of the games Bwin features at their casino: in sports betting, you will find basketball, football, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, Alpine skiing, biathlon and ski jumping. You will also find poker, card games, fortune games, skill games, mini games, backgammon and a variety of other games. Now that you know what Bwin offers, all you need to do is to check out their casino website. There really is no other entertaining place to visit than Bwin; check out their entertaining games collection now.

Millionaire Casino Review

The Millionaire Casino specializes in offering high rollers as well as highly functional, mind blowing game features! You can choose from a wide range of 85 or so games, all packed with excitement and adventure that are most enjoyable. This gaming site is completely entertaining and will transform your previous online experiences into a whole new dimension. The features and graphics are state of the art! You will be talking for a long time to come about the Millionaire Casino.

When it comes to loyalty, the Millionaire Casino is on top of the list. Once you become one of their players, they become your best friend! For loyal clients and customers, you are offered a reward as soon as you register to join in one of the many casino properties. The rewards program at Millionaire caters to different types of online game for players to enjoy. The rewards and bonuses are endless, and the Millionaire Casino never forgets who keeps them in business – their customers! Aside from this, there is an extra payday award given each month for one lucky player, so if you win this award you can either cover your losses or double your winnings using it. In order to be eligible for the extra payday reward, you have to make an initial deposit, after which you will be automatically entered into the competition. Keep a check on your email, for updates and notifications.

Millionaire Casino is produced by Vegas Technology Software Company, a famous software provider. The betting limits at Millionaire are impressive, and the card games and table games offer players the highest of intense graphics that you can ever ask for. One of the best places to sign up for an account is at Millionaire Casino. It will definitely not be a waste of your time and money. The word Millionaire itself goes to show that you are given the best chances of winning at this casino and that is what it could eventually make you, a man worth millions! This casino offers outstanding services and VIP treatments all the way. Millionaire offers every aspect of what you would find at a land based casino. The production and staff at Millionaire Casino is unlike no other. You will experience a once in a lifetime moment at Millionaire!

Golden Riviera Casino Review

Golden Riviera Casino branding is anchored on its attribution as the “home of the savvy gambler.” Well, there is no way for us to validate if the players in Golden Riviera Casino are savvier than those who are playing in other online casinos, but we can definitely confirm that the former has a lot to offer even for the most sophisticated and discriminating player.

You can play using your web browser or download the stand-alone software to gain access and play the games at the Golden Riviera Casino. However, it is highly recommended that you download the software so that you can benefit from the complete range of games that the online casino has to offer. The download option gives you complete access to some 300 games, while the web browser option only allows you to gain access to about 150 instant casino games. You can only access a few of the more popular games at the Golden Riviera Casino during the initial download, but you will get the rest of the games when you play them for the first time.

You can expect a first-rate online gaming experience at Golden Riviera Casino as it is powered by topnotch gaming platform Microgaming. The audio and graphics are among the strong suits of Golden Riviera Casino, and you can even play around with a wide range of settings using the menu options which is located at the bottom portion of the screen. The range of choices include a play setting in full screen, speed of the games as well as the custom auto-play functions that allow you to press a single button when playing your favorite games.

Golden Riviera boasts of a wide array of bonuses for new players and existing players. In addition to these, the online casino maintains several promotions to keep your gaming experience fun and exciting. Among its range of promotions are the weekly casino and slots tournaments. The online casino even has a regular ladies night and it is one of the reasons why a lot of players are so engaged in their play at the online casino.

For those whose primary objective is to win big while playing online casino games, it would be interesting to note that the Golden Riviera Casino has a total of 19 progressive jackpots and the potential winnings can reach six or seven figures.

Wagering Requirements, Promotions and Bonuses

One of the main reasons why players are drawn to Golden Riviera Casino is that they can easily qualify for a diverse set of promotions and bonuses. Its popular entitlements and promo offers include the following:

  • Golden Riviera Casino offers free play for one hour that comes with $1,000 gaming cash for new players. Players get to keep their winnings as long as they comply with the online casino’s play-through requirements. Under this setup, the GRC practically pays their new players when they start playing games with no deposit and no risk on their part. The covered games of GRC include video poker, craps, blackjack and slots.
  • Golden Riviera Casino offers 100 percent matching sign-up bonus and dollar bonuses for the first deposits on the accounts of new players. This is easily the hottest bonus offer of GRC.
  • Golden Riviera Casino boasts of some 50 free maximum payline slot spins on the Tomb Raider II video slot.
  • Golden Riviera Casino provides high-rollers with $100 gaming cash for free and the bonus offer can increase pretty fast.
  • Golden Riviera Casino offers players with a regular 15 percent re-deposit bonus with a monthly cash potential amounting to $1,000.
  • Popular promos of the online casino include Multi-player slots promo and Casino Treasure Cruise promo.

Graphics and Gaming Software

Golden Riviera Casino makes use of what is considered to be the best when it comes to online casino software – the Microgaming suite. Players can set themselves up and start playing in just a few minutes after the Golden Riviera download. On the other hand, instant play can be enjoyed through the flash casino option by GRC.

The GRC games feature topnotch and seamless audio, graphics and visual effects and the online slots at the online casino are known for their superb video clips and animation. The table games at GRC simulate the sound and feel of a live casino setting with unerring accuracy. Through the online casino gaming software, GRC is able to provide players with a diverse range of customization options and players can opt for free play whenever they want to.

Games and Payout Percentages

Golden Riviera Casino is stocked with more than 450 games and the hottest titles include Queen of the Jungle, Bar Bar Black Sheep, Thunderstruck II, The Lady in Red, Hot Air, Wooly World, 5 Reel Drive, Pure Platinum, Kung Fu Monkey, Love Potion and Avalon. Included in GRC’s game selection are more than 140 games that come in the no-download flash format. The online casino also features live dealer games and these include its roulette and baccarat games. These are the best option if you want to experience play with live dealers that take bets, deal and make payouts through live feed from the casino broadcast room of Microgaming.

Based on the results of the latest independent audit of the online casino’s random number generator (RNG), the following payout percentages were obtained:

  • All GRC Games – 97.46 percent
  • GRC Poker Games – 96.39 percent
  • GRC Slots – 97.25 percent
  • GRC Table Games – 98.99 percent

Banking and Customer Support

Golden Riviera Casino boasts of a dedicated and reliable player support service through live chat, email, phone and fax. The online casino provides support to players in multiple languages and the support agents and representatives are well-versed and experienced in the various aspects of the games and services of GRC.

Golden Riviera Casino offers players with a diverse range of payment and banking options and these include EntroPay, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, MoneyBookers, ECO, Instadebit, POLi, Paysafecard, Solo, iDeal, WireTransfer, Ukash, eps, Neteller, ClickandBuy, Switch and GiroPay. Applicable currencies for GRC include US dollar, Canadian dollar, UK pound, Euro and South African rand.

Slots Jungle Review

Despite the fact that Slots Jungle is a casino that instantly makes players think of slots, there are a lot of other available casino games as well. In fact, it’s very much like most casinos in that it offers a generous selection of games from all the different types of traditional casino games. It offers a number of bonuses, although it doesn’t reinvent the wheel in this sense, and is known amongst its followers as a reliable casino that always pays out winnings to players.

As is expected from the name, the casino is beautifully designed with darkened jungle colours. Expect to see smatterings of various tones of green with a dark purple hue emanating from the top of the design. Casino games are bordered by gold and utilise Real Time’s Gaming excellent mechanics to provide an authentic casino experience, whilst still retaining the feeling of a fantasy jungle.

Wagering Requirements, Promotions and Bonuses

Slots Jungle understands the importance of offering bonuses to players in order to compete with its many competitors. New players and old players alike are eligible for a lot of crazy bonuses. In keeping with its reputation of being a tad wild and crazy it makes sure that its promotions keep up and better than other online casinos.

The welcome package is something that has been noted as particularly generous. It’s subject to change at a moment’s notice, but its popularity means that it will likely stay in place for as long as players keep joining the casino. Unlike other casinos that have deposit bonuses for the first few deposits, Slots Jungle makes sure that it matches deposits up until the 10th deposit, which is something that’s practically unheard of anywhere else.

Specific bonuses come with both blackjack and video poker. Simply add the bonus code and it allows additional deposit matches on these games, which match the amount given for the site in general. So if players wanted to have a game of video poker they could have their deposit matched up to the first ten deposits.

Some other bonuses are available as well, though. Random bonuses enable the casino to live up to its reputation as these are constantly changing and appearing at unexpected times. The only way to discover exactly which bonuses are running at a specific time is to check the calendar and the announcements broadcast through the main website. The point is that this policy of random bonuses is expected to be maintained for the foreseeable future.

Wagering requirements for the site fall very much in line with the large majority of casinos present on the web. In order to successfully withdraw any bonus money from the video poker and blackjack promotions it’s necessary to wager 25 times the amount of the initial bonus. The deposit bonus wagering requirements are slightly less as players only have to wager 20 times the amount of the initial bonus.

Software and Games

Real Time Gaming is the software that runs this casino. This is a boon for many players as it means that great graphics and authentic sounds are guaranteed since the reputation of Real Time Gaming is eclipsed by few other software providers. Furthermore, the option to download the full casino or play via the browser is included, as with all Real Time Gaming casinos. Both Mac and Windows players won’t have to contend with any limitations imposed by this software provider.

Every game presented with the Slots Jungle casino can be played for either play chips or real chips. It means that gamblers won’t have to worry about risking their money to experience a new game. All they have to do is switch to a play money account and they can test out some of the games to see which ones they like the best.

Slots Jungle offers over 120 games for players, which can only be accessed in its entirety by actually downloading the casino. Only some of the more basic games are offered with the instant play version of Slots Jungle. Although there are standard slots games, poker games, and blackjack games available, the casino also operates a number of exciting activities that are exclusive to this operator.

Of course, these unique games stick to the jungle theme. Games such as Funky Money and 20 pay line light are two games that have become particularly popular amongst players. One interesting feature is the interactive bonus round where the player can use a monkey to create an instrument that will determine the type of bonus they get to acquire.

Whilst it does lack the depth of some of the other casinos out there, players are still in for a lot of fun when they decide to play a game with Slots Jungle.

Banking and Customer Support

Slots Jungle offers a number of banking options for people all across the globe. One drawback is that the casino only appears to operate in USD, but that doesn’t mean players have to convert it themselves. They can deposit in any currency and it’s automatically converted for them. MasterCard and Visa are two of the credit cards options that players can use. PayPal, Moneybookers, and EcoCard are just three of the online wallet options that can be utilised for depositing too. It’s important to read the guidelines before attempting to make any deposits as only certain payment methods are accepted from US players to comply with national regulations.

Customer support is a priority with this casino as it offers a 24/7 service that can be accessed via the phone, live chat, or email systems. Chat operators can be contacted for a quick answer to any questions that players might have. They are even able to give recommendations for certain games if players are struggling with choosing one of the casino games to play! What really makes it stand out is the fact that live chat can be accessed directly from the Slots Jungle website without registering, so players who are still unsure of the casino can have their queries answered.