You have to face the facts; the majority of hands you get dealt in blackjack are losing hands. The fact is, on an average, you are targeted to win only forty seven hands out of every hundred and thus lose fifty three hands. So how can you triumph if those are the odds facing you as a blackjack player?

A specific method to contend with the casino’s edge in blackjack is to get to know when doubling down is worth performing. This playing possibility was brought into the game as a method for participants to diminish the casino’s advantage. However, the player has to decide when, and most crucially when not to use the doubling down.

To be able to use the right double down playing strategy enables a blackjack participant either to convert a hand loss into a complete winner or to diminish the loss in a situation where you are losing. Although it may appear rather complex, they are nevertheless two significant aspects that blackjack participants should try and grasp so that you can recognize when pair splitting and doubling down can be used to your advantage. For more blackjast strategies and tips for beginners visit and read through their training modules and blackjack strategy section.

Peter McCabe